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German Heer M35 Double Decal Steel Helmet

A Wonderful Example of the Classic M35 Double Decal Army German Steel Helmet in Superb Condition , much of the original apple green paint finishing remaining as you can see from the photos, only one abrasion to the side of the helmet and also with some scuff marks. The helmet still retains the Eagle/ Swastika and the tri-colour triple decals all original. To the inside fine condition light tanned liner with pull cords still intact. Comes with its original chin strap, also to the inside we see stamp mark Q66 and the recipient’s name in pencil and also to the back edge. An excellent and well above average quality German M35 Double Decal steel helmet. becoming hard to find in this condition

Code: 50179

1850.00 GBP

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Fantastic Original Photograph by Hoffmann Mounted and Hand Signed Ink Signature below by Adolf Hitler

Fantastic Original Photograph by Hoffmann Mounted and Hand Signed Ink Signature below by Adolf Hitler.

Wonderful Original Hand Signed Ink Signature of Adolf Hitler, along with a mounted Photograph taken by Hitler’s personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann. The Photograph shows Adolf Hitler as Chancellor wearing his party uniform. The signature and inscription to the card is dated Munich 9th December 1938 which is all in Adolf Hitler’s hand. this was received by the intended recipient, but never framed. Would look fantastic framed. Come with third party authenticity. Size of complete mount including signature 305mm x 425mm. Size of photograph only 105mm x 150mm.

Code: 50178

1750.00 GBP

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Original WWII Stitched Wartime RAF Air Training Corps Flag.

Original WWII Stitched Wartime RAF Air Training Corps Flag. A nice example of a RAF Air Training Corps Flag colours are vibrant. The flag is made of heavy duty linen and is stitched and not printed. Union Jack to corner, Royal Air Force blue field background, logo of Air Training Corps is stitched onto blue field. Has its original rope fixings, the halyard is hemp not nylon with two heavy brass fixings. The rope is unattached from the flag and is fee moving within its sleeve, can easily be reattached again.

The Royal Training Corps ATC was established on 5th February 1941. The owner of this flag was a Wing Commander during WWII and also served in Northern Ireland. A very nice example of a WWII Air Training Corps flag would look superb mounted within a frame for display.Size: 25” high x 4ft wide
Condition: has a couple of small abrasions under the training corps sign, 8 - 9 moth nips here and there. Lovely original flag

Code: 50177

175.00 GBP

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Sir Winston Churchill Hand Signed Letter London 4th April 1950.

Sir Winston Churchill Hand Signed Letter London 4th April 1950. 100% Original Sir Winston Churchill hand Signed Bold Ink Signature to bottom of letter, typed from his Residence at 28 Hyde Park Gate, London Sw17 dated 4th April 1950, to a Mr Batch thanking him for his assistance during the general election. Sir Winston Churchill memorabilia is extremely collectable. Autographs by him are avidly collected. Water Marked to centre. Sir Winston Churchill was Prime Minister during WWII and was involved in military operations from an early age. For the collector or investor of British Political/Militaria items Or maybe a gift. Size: 130mm x 202mm.condition: no tears or rips, age foxing, the signature is very clear. has three folds.

Code: 50176

850.00 GBP

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Original Wartime Battle of Britain RAF Flag

Original Wartime Battle of Britain RAF Flag. Printed wartime issue, has original stamp marks faded but still legible. Oxford England with Air Ministry beneath Kings Crown dated 1940. Unique piece of WW2 Battle of Britain Collectables. Wonderful good display size. 3ft high x 5ft wide. Still retains its original rope cords. Condition: has some water staining over the years, Would look superb framed and mounted to the wall.

Code: 50174

275.00 GBP

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Extremely Rare Erased Ernst Rohm SS 33 Dagger

Extremely Rare Erased Ernst Rohm SS 33 Dagger.
An Original SS Mans1933 pattern Dagger also a member of the SA. A good early piece with solid nickel cross guards and scabbard fittings. Inset Enamel SS insignia and silver eagle in both undamaged condition. The cross guard has bench stamp number 1. The blade has pitting to both front and back, but still has a deep etched Meine Ehre heiBt Treue (My honour is called loyalty). To the reverse of the blade grounded and removed Ernst Rohm dedication, this was removed on the orders of Hitler declaring Rohm a traitor on June 30th 1934. The black ebony grip has some cracks to both sides, still in solid condition and slightly discoloured. The dagger comes complete with original black anodised scabbard which shows wear with no major denting, but again has slightly discoloured. Less than 10,000 of these Daggers were awarded. A very difficult, rare Dagger to find and one always missing in the collection.

Code: 50173

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Waffen SS Helpers Armband

Waffen SS Helpers Armband
Good condition Waffen SS Helpers Armband. To the front printed in black Waffen-SS applied onto golden/yellow cotton armband. In good condition with no mothing

Code: 50172

295.00 GBP

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Hitler Youth Knife RZM M7/2 1940.

Hitler Youth Knife RZM M7/2 1940.
The Hitler Youth knife is in good condition with minor paint loss to the scabbard. The HJ enamel Swastika diamond in perfect condition, the grip plates has one small hairline crack to the front where the HJ insignia is. The hilt retains most of the original silver plate finishing with light scratches . The grip strap fastener is in perfect working order. The blade is in fine condition with only minor pitting. The blade is stamp marked RZM M7/2 1940. A nice original and collectable Hitler Youth knife for offer.

Code: 50171

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Item: Superb Waffen SS enlisted mans side cap

A Beautiful Waffen SS Mans Side Cap worn by other ranks of the SS. To the front, quality BeVo skull and SS eagle insignia. Inside typical lined grey twill cotton finishing. Stamp mark BERVEN PADOVA 55. The cap is in near mint condition without mothing. A real collectors piece and hard to find in this condition

Code: 50169

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Superb Early Allgemeine SS Armband with RZM Silk Label.

Quality Early Allgemeine SS Armband with original RZM Silk Label. Made in high quality dark red wool with separate applied white silk circle and black silk Swastika with upper and low edges black silk brades. The Silk SS label to the inside reads ( RZM/SS Dom Reichsfuhrer SS Befohlene Ausfuhrung ). The Armband is in wonderful condition, highly collectable having its full RZM Silk Label inside makes its very desirable indeed. Nice Original SS Armband

Code: 50168

650.00 GBP

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